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Home Page - Welcome page with information, news, and greetings.

   About Us / Contact - Directions to Bethel along with pictures of our Staff, and contact information

   Our Stand - a brief description of our church, beliefs, and contact

   Church Updates - A page for news, Calendar.

   Donations - A page where it is possible to donate to this church.

   Site Map - A list of all the pages on this web site. 

   Links - A list of useful and recommended links.

Ministries Page - Lists all the ministries of our church.

Sermons - Audio Sermons for downloading.

   Sermon Archives - Old Audio Sermons for downloading.

   Live Audio Streaming - A page where, in the future, it will be possible to listen to a service         while it is in progress

BBCA - Bethel Baptist Christian Academy page.

   BBCA Years Past - The Previous Years of BBCA

Youth - The web page for the Youth ministry of Bethel Baptist Church.

   Photo Archives - Photos from previous activities with the Youth.

Bethel Baptist Bikers - A page dedicated to the Bikers within the church.

   Photo Archives - Photos from previous activities with the Bikers.

Future Location - Updates and information about our future church location.